How to Wash Fuzzy Socks?

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I own many fuzzy socks, and I was wondering if they’re machine safe? How do I wash them? I also have about two pairs of fuzzy socks that have designs on them, and I was wondering how I would wash those as well?

Can I hand wash fuzzy socks and fuzzy socks with designs? Would it be better to use a softener to help keep the fuzzy and softness of the sock?

My socks with designs look not exactly, but a little like this:…

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  • Freedom
    1 month ago

    Fuzzy socks are machine washable. Wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle and dry them in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets.

  • UCantHandleTheTruth
    6 days ago

    I was wondering about this myself & I found online someone wrote to HANG-DRY fuzzy socks. DO NOT use the dryer machine. I think I will try that & put my fuzzy socks into a garment bag in the washing machine so I remember to hang-dry them. I hope this helps! 🙂

  • lugenia
    4 days ago

    You are supposed to machine wash cold on the gentle cycle or hand wash. Then, let the them air dry.

  • chana
    5 days ago

    This is a good question, and one that has made me curious for quite some time.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Haven’t thought too much about this

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