How to sell a product directly to supermarket like metro, nilgiris and reliance fresh etc. any idea will help?

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  • Justin H
    1 month ago

    You’re probably going to have to get special permits. If it’s a food product, you’re production and packaging facilities are going to have to be certified by the health department. Then you need to find a way in with the company. If it’s a local mom and pop store it could be as simple as just going in and talking with the manager/owner. If it’s a chain, you’re probably going to have to get in touch with a regional buyer and they would probably have to get corporate approval.

    I know it’s not that difficult because I’ve seen a number of cases where small local businesses have had their products placed locally with major supermarkets – in one case it was a local micro brewery and they had their products placed in just a small handful of local stores – both independents and chains.

    If you’re interested in more info, send me a question and I’ll get in touch with the owner of the brewery and see what he had to do. Of course things will vary depending on state and local laws.

  • gumnam
    1 month ago

    Just approach the regional management of such supermarkets specially the purchase manager of the supermarket, give him the best competitive prise of the produce you want to sale, it myst be 30% to 40% lover then the retail price of the same produce, and he will be convinced to buy your products. The main criteria is that your products should be in good quality in large quantity to prompt a buying decision in the purchase managers’s mind.

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  • cotty
    4 days ago

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  • santosh k
    1 month ago

    Create 50/100 dummy customers(friends, relatives, jobless people like me). ask them to visit all these stores 5 times a day. they should ask a simple question to counter salesmen and aisle salesmen “is this………….. product or brand (your product name or brand name) available with you??

    rest all will happen automatically.

    however do not forget to approach thee local store on 10th,20th, 30th day with your identity revealing that you are a manufacturer/dealer/stockists of so & so item.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Approach them with your proposals.

  • Erick
    1 month ago

    Um idk

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