how to respond to “what’s in it for me”?

I asked a relatively new contact for a small favor and she replied through e-mail “what’s in it for me?” How should I respond in a non-threatening, clever way?

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  • Doethineb
    1 month ago

    The satisfaction of helping me and knowing that I would feel really grateful for your kindness.

  • berrygrl2004
    1 month ago

    If this person is close enough to ask a favor, why should there be some kind of payoff? That doesn’t sound much like him/her doing you a favor, more like a condition of doing something nice…

    Maybe you should ask someone else…

    Just the way I see it…

    Good luck!

  • Diet Pepsi Max Fan
    1 month ago

    That’s a pretty ignorant reply. Depends on what you asked for. I hope you aren’t stuck putting up with this person.

  • Mind of Man
    1 month ago

    that usually means they want sex.

    tell her you’d return the favor but you’re in a relationship.

  • Gol N
    1 month ago

    say “why dont you find out” or “its not what i can do for you, but what you can do for me”

  • dynamyta21
    1 month ago

    one day you may need something.

  • terri2003anne
    1 month ago

    say ..nothing

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