How to remove spray paint off of plant leaves?

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  • Jeanne
    9 days ago

    You could try wiping them off w/olive oil or mineral oil…might work.

  • R K
    9 days ago

    you can’t really, anything you use to try and get the paint off other than water will kill the plant. cut off the leaves that got sprayed.

  • Angela
    9 days ago

    Does it need to be cleaned off? If you leave it alone, it generally wears off by itself in a short period of time. Besides, you might harm the plant if you messed around with it too much or put the wrong chemicals on it.

  • ?
    9 days ago

    You cant do it easily. You should either remove the sprayed leaves or leave them alone until they drop off of their own accord.

  • David
    9 days ago

    You should just let it be. It absorbs threw the leaves so water will keep the plant healthy. Just water them as needed to let it grow.

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