How to remove nails from a tree?

The tree is a oak tree. There are nails in the tree.

I’m concerned that pulling the nails will leave cavities. What can these cavities be plugged with? Wax?

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  • S. P. M.
    1 month ago

    The faster you remove the nails the better. Copper nails which pierce

    through the bark can and will kill a tree.

    Do not worry about the holes–the tree will close them up. Make sure

    your tree is watered properly to counteract any possible poisoning from

    the nails. Who put the nails in the tree? Check the tree thoroughly

    to make sure you have found them all.

  • Bullfrog_53
    1 month ago

    Go ahead and pull the nails out. The tree will secrete sap and the holes will plug themselves up. Don’t put anything in the holes.

  • NXile
    1 month ago

    Pull the nails out and let the tree heal itself.

    If you do any pruning of limbs, do not use “wound sealer”, because trees do not need that help either, and it can harm the tree.

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