How to remove a screw jammed in the garbage disposal?

Our garbage disposal stopped working a couple of days ago and when we checked it we found a small screw jammed between the disk that slides around with the blades on it and the side. No amount of tugging, screwing, forcing will help. Were just girls and have no idea how to handle this and are not really interested in callinga plummer. Whats the best way to fix this. We have tried using the Allen wrench at the bottom but that just makes the disk grind against it.

Any ideas?

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  • sabesque
    1 month ago

    make sure that the unit is disconnected from the power.. and using a pair of long needle nose pliers, grab on to the screw as someone else turns the motor from the bottom with the allen wrench.. even if it grinds a little. pull on the screw as the unit is being turned.. wiggle tug whatever.. if the unit stopped working due to this screw then grinding wont make a difference. after you remove the screw, press on the reset button which should be on the bottom of the unit.. black or red button just push it in. then plug the unit back into the outlet and try it. a little grinding wont cause any problem.. if it doesn’t work, then it was most likely due to the motor burning out when the screw first got caught.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Screw Stuck In Garbage Disposal

  • AstroGrog
    1 month ago

    Try using a large flat blade screwdriver as a chisel and hammer into the screw until it breaks off or comes out of the hole. The guts of the disposal are pretty tough and can handle some hammering.

    Also you can use a large wooden stick (handle of hammer, broomstick, baseball bat) to turn the disposal the opposite direction from normal. If you can get it to move even an inch it might have enough room to where when you turn it back on the motor will chomp right through that screw and dispose of it.

  • joe r
    1 month ago

    good ideas but

    #1 turn the power off

    there is a hex head point in the bottom center that is attached to the drive of the disposal

    you can turn this to free up the motor

    if the screw is jammed under a blade then like mentioned before use needle nose pliers to get it out

  • Gailia Evans
    5 days ago

    This was helpful however I was unable to chisel the screw but I continued to move the screw back and forth until it was released from the inside of the garage disposal

    thank you. I just saved myself a garbage disposal repair fee

  • fireman492000
    1 month ago

    If you can see the screw, use needle nose pliers to grip the screw and remove it.

  • maxine
    6 days ago

    complicated task. browse using google or bing. this could help!

  • And Who
    5 days ago

    followed the selected answer which worked perfectly.

    thank you.

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