How to hide gray copyright thing under myspace page?

Gimme the code Pleeeeeeese<3

2 Answers

  • jamess.-
    1 month ago

    MySpace 1.0

    <style>a.text, table div font a, table div div {visibility:hidden;}a.text, table div font a, table div div {visibility:hidden;}div td font {visibility:hidden;}.navbar {visibility:visible;}table div font a, table div div {visibility:hidden; display:none;border:0px!important;background-color:transparent;}table div font {display: none;}</style>

    MySpace 2.0 (in CSS box)

    div#footer, div#footer a {display:none;}

  • snχɐɹqɐ
    1 month ago

    if you remove the bottom links or the copyright, myspace will delete your profile

    you can remove the grey part tho….


    tr {background-color:transparent;}


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