how to fill my transmission fluid G25 2011 infiniti!?

I have a 2011 G25 automatic infiniti.. My brother (honest mistake so I forgive him) wanted to change my oil and on accident drained my transmission fluid for my car. I know the car takes only Genuine nissan matic S ATF and the manual doesnt show where to pour the oil and I cant seem to find where it goes. I looked online and in the manual, No Answer. Doe anyone know how to fill my transmission for my car. I herd it might be located in the bottom of the car but I have no clue.. Please help 🙁

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  • Rabbit
    8 days ago

    Look for a fill bolt on top of the tranny, find a tube and funnel and fill their, or if it has a tranny fluid dipstick thats where it gets filled up, local autoparts store sell long funnels with narrow bottom for trannsmissions.

  • Two Smoking Guns
    8 days ago

    Wow, a two year old Infiniti, not exactly what you want Jr. learning to change fluids on.

    Anyway, if you haven’ tossed it, pour the fluid into a gallon jug so you can get an idea of how much to put back.

    Look up around the top and rear of motor for a dipstick like an oil dipstick.

    They have done away with the dipstick part on many cars and now just put a cap.

    Call a dealership and ask them where to find the dipstick or where to put the fluid.

    Don’t WAG this, you need to be very close and neither overfill or underfill this.


    I googled check transmission fluid your Infiniti, and it says some models are locked, definitely call a dealership. I think they may have to send a tech to your house to do it.

    Sign up and ask these guys.…

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