How to fade out to white in after effects?

I have a scene and I want to fade out to white so how can I do it in Adobe After Effects?

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  • Glenn
    1 month ago

    As per usual, there are several ways to accomplish something in AE. It’s simple. You need to know about keyframes and creating new Solids. If you don’t look it up and do the following:

    You have your clip and you want it to fade out and leave a white screen:

    1. At about 4 – 5 seconds til the end of your clip, set a keyframe in Opacity with it at 100%.

    2. At the end of the clip, set another Opacity keyframe with the setting at 0%.

    3. Create a White solid and drag it to the layer below. It can be above also in this case if you like.

    When you run your preview, the top layer video will start to fade with 4 or 5 seconds to go and then you will just see the white Solid. The speed of the fade out is determined by how far apart the 2 keyframes are. If you want it faster, move the 100% keyframe closer to the 0% one.

  • techguru
    1 month ago

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