how to do triple h water spray mist?

try to be specific but i need to understand it

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  • Shriekin Banshee
    1 month ago

    I have nothing much to do so… here it is. It’s quite long since you wanted detailed steps. I could have just said drink, look up, then blow. But anyway, hope this helps:

    1) Drink water. But only a little. It’s hard to spray when your mouth is full of water. Also, just a little amount of water will produce a nice fine mist.

    2) Another reason why you just need a little water is because you need to be able to store that water in the space by the underside of your tongue so no water can block your airway when you breathe deep using your mouth (for step 4).

    3) Try practicing it first facing forward. No water should leak down to your throat nor the outside of your mouth. Then slowly tilt your head upwards. In this position, a little leak of water is fine by time to time. Don’t panic. Just swallow it but don’t let go of the remaining water.

    4) While facing up, breathe deep. It’s better to breathe by your mouth. Hold your breath.

    5) Still facing up, imagine that you’re going to blow out a candle. Now this is the tricky part because you need timing. Just before you blow the air, release the water so that it will go upwards with the air and out of your lips.


    *Do it in the bathroom of course.

    *You can also practice doing the spray mist by first facing forward. But instead of releasing the water , push it towards your lips while you blow.

    But I have a question: Why do you want to learn this?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Drink some water face up toward the sky and spit the water.

  • ASK HIM (Awesome Edition)
    1 month ago

    Just clecnh your teeth & blow (NOT SPIT) the water through them. It takes practice, but you’ll get it.

  • blade
    1 month ago

    put some water in u’re mouth, make a real ugly face, look up at the cealing and get a dam life

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