How to clean blue stain on bob dummy?

I put on a ski mask on a bob dummy so I won’t have to wear gloves every time I punch.

After taking the mask off I notice a blue ink stain on the bob dummy face.

I try soap and warm water and scrubbing it but nothing happened.

Will clothes cause blue stain on the dummy?

I also having the dummy wear a black karate uniform.

Please help I brought this in very clean condition.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Bob Dummy

  • Human
    7 days ago

    use rubbing alcohol and a rag or paper towel.

    clothes might stain bob. I doubt a black gi would stain it.

    wear gloves when you punch bob. a ski mask isn’t a safe alternative. you can still mess up your knuckles and be out of training longer. or your wrist could get damaged.

  • chen
    7 days ago

    General swab with gasoline oil spot, then use detergent to clean.Or contaminated cloth soaked in carbon tetrachloride rub, wash with clean water again, if encounter when clean water is not clean, can use ammonia 10% or 10% sodium bicarbonate solution wiping, finally strong wash with water.

    If it is a ball-point pen printing:

    1. The besmirch place into warm water (40 ℃) with benzene or regiment cotton dips in benzene scrubbing, then wash with detergent, water rinse (warm water).

    (2) with cold water stains, with carbon tetrachloride or acetone wiping gently, then wash with detergent, rinse with warm water.

    3. The stain is deep, can use first gasoline wipe, with 95% alcohol rub brush again, if the remaining sites, also need to use bleach to clean.Finally with toothpaste and soap gently knead, reoccupy clear water rinse.But it is forbidden to use open blisters.(from okorder)

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