How to change Temporary work availability for hollister CO online?

I just got hired. And I have Vacation July 12-21 and I am trying to change my availability, but I don’t know how to do it. the site my.anfcorp is so confusing. I know I must sound stupid but can someone please tell me step by step how to do it. I have tried to figure it out but it is just confusing me more.


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    Okay! Luckily I figured this out just yesterday since I’m new their too but my manager talked me though it.

    STEP 1. Log in (haha)

    STEP 2. Go to “My Availability” (it should be under Time and Attendance)

    STEP 3. Where it says “Availability for Week Ending ” click the little calendar icon next to it and it will bring up a calendar. Now pick the day you will be leaving, example: you’re leaving on the 12th? Then click the 13th on the calendar since the 12th falls in the week ending on the 13th.

    STEP 4. Once you click it, go down to where it says “Availability Change Request” this is where you change your hours. So if you’re going to be away what you do is do the same thing you did above in step 4. Click on the calendar and then select the 12th which will be under “Date”.

    STEP 5. Now next to that under “Day of the week” the right day should pop up.

    STEP 6. Next under “Availability Type ” you will get a list that says “Temporary” or “Permanent” you click temporary since its a temporary vacation.

    STEP 6. Next under “ACR Type” you clarify the type of change you’re making. You will get a list that says “any”, “none”, or “specify”. YOU CLICK NONE, since you’re NOT working those days.

    Step 7. You don’t worry about start or end time, because you won’t work those days. Now it’s going to have the + and – sign. You want to click + so you can add more days you take off. What you’re going to do it follow all the steps above for every day up until the 21st, which is when I assume you will be returning. Every time you add a new day just click on the + sign and repeat the steps until you get all the days. And make sure that when you get to the 21st, you go back up the the calendar where it says “Availability for Week Ending” and click the 27st because its in a new week, or else you will get an error message. You click 27th because the 21st falls in the week ending on the 27th. ALSO when you get to changing the dates between 14th and 20th. Change the Availability for Week Ending calendar to 20th, because 14th through 20th falls in the week ending on the 20th.

    Follow these steps and it will work out, when you’re done click save at the bottom. You may have to click it twice. Just make sure you see the green check marks next to the dates you choose to take off because that means its been approved.

    Good Luck.


    It may be hard to understand so i’ll simplify haha sorry.

    Under Availability of Week Ending calendar, first click on the 13th

    Then proceed with the steps to change the days 12th and 13th.

    Now when you get to the 14th, go back up to the first calendar and click the 20th because the days you are changing from 14th to 20th fall under the week ending on the 20th.

    Then when you get to the 21st, go back up to the top calendar and change the date to 27th, since the week the 21st falls under is the week ending on the 27th.

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