how to calm down or how to deal with the anxiety? can anybody answer me?

I feel anxious all day, I wake up with anxiety, I feel my feet cold and sweating and I feel bad of my stomach, it feels like full and I don’t feel hungry, in the past I took some medication but it didn’t work with me and I visited two psychologist and it doesn’t happen nothing, now I am trying to be positive as the last one told me but I can’t relax and stuff like that, I don’t know if I’ll need medication maybe they have nother medications than they used to have 3 days ago, I need help please

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  • B-L-U-E
    10 hours ago

    First, know the cause of your anxiety.. You’re maybe depressed or somewhat dealing with a big problem.. Talk with your friends/ close friends about it and that can make you feel better..

    I’ve been going through on anxiety too at some times, feeling anger on someone, worried ’bout what may happen to myself.. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping too.. I take Melatonin capsule (3mg) as recommended by a friend. It helps me in my sleeping problems.. but I advise you to study first this drug before taking, it also have some contraindications and side effects.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    I have a rare anxiety disorder and I take medication specific to the fits. It calms them down within 20 minutes and helps with my appetite and all other symptoms. I take ativane (or Teva-lanzopam). I don’t know if you have tried those but they are the only thing that has worked for me. I have gone down the anti-depressant route and it never worked for me. Quick ways I find to calm down or working out, yoga, chewing gum, and just being around people. Another thing I do is smoke as it distracts me for a while which usually kills the anxiety. Though i do not recommend this. My phyce did only because she knew I would be able to handle being an “person in recovery” smoker.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    You might want to try out some different meds, i started out on some meds that didn’t work at all and was kept on them for quite some time. Then i switched to Zoloft and it helped relieve both my depression, anxiety and i haven’t had a single panic attack since i started on the new meds. Also it’s really hard to calm yourself down during a panic attack, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot die from a panic attack, no matter what your body is telling you 🙂

  • Byte-Sized Cookie
    10 hours ago

    You sound like me before I had my breakdown when I was 16…I was later diagnosed with severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Wake-up without hunger, nervous, feel like not being anxious is “bad,” trouble eating and sleeping, and can’t sit still long. You sound like you COULD have an inherited anxiety disorder. You should talk to your doctor. SSRIs are great for OCD, some other medicines for other anxiety disorders. Best to do your research and talk to the GP.

  • David
    10 hours ago

    Ask for a benzodiazepine drug. These work best for immediate relief from anxiety and can help you face your fears and overcome the anxiety. Try to get to the root of the problem, figure out what instigates the anxiety and then try to conquer the fear and eliminate triggers for stress. You have to reprogram your mind.

  • DanTF
    10 hours ago

    You can try some self help programs. Medical marijuana has also been claimed to alleviate anxiety. I have problems with anxiety too, significantly since my Sophomore year at high school, so I know what you’re going through.

  • TB-303
    10 hours ago

    The two best ways being used by Physicians nowadays are exercise and breathing exercises.

  • Denise Parsons
    10 hours ago

    Temesta. It works.

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