how to become a guide or squad leader in boot camp?

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  • meme
    1 month ago

    I don’t know why you would want to…

    But usually off the bat the first Platoon Guide will be the highest ranking (usually someone coming in as a PFC or rarely you’ll have a SPC in bootcamp (like if they were prior service and re- entering)…

    Squad leaders will start out usually if there was any others that have ROTC or rank. After a few weeks those that stand out or those that the Drill thinks needs confidence he will stick as squad leader. But I got to tell you, you will take ALOT of ****, if your squad F’s up then you get in trouble and if you try to “correct” them they will hate you. It is not a win win situation/…

    My suggestion is get through Bootcamp without the Drill knowing your name and not pissing off anyone in your unit….

  • deftonehead778
    1 month ago

    JROTC and stuff like that doesn’t really matter too much. When you first get to your basic unit, the drill will more than likely ask who thinks they are a leader. Those that raise thier hand will more than likely get the job of squad leader or platoon guide.

    The only one that is right that I have seen so far, is someone saying someone with prior service. That I have seen before, but I have also seen the prior service guys not get picked because they are prior service and the drills are trying to let the guys with no service try hand at leadership and learning those ropes caues the guy who has been in before already knows how things work.

    Of course, if they are crappy drill sergeants, they will pick the prior service guys to do the leading because they only choose them so that their platoon can look good. That is the only reason, and it is a crappy one.

    The best way is to volunteer for it, stay motivated, and do your best at all times. When you are getting smoked, don’t get mad cause someone screwed up or whatever, just be motivated and think of it in a good way. That it is doing nothign but getting you into shape more. Stand up as a leader and the drills will notice. When someone is having problems learning thier stuff and you volunteer to help them, or if guys in your squad or platoon are jacked up and you keep on thier *** about the right uniform or doing the right thing, the drills will notice this stuff.

    I do have to tell you though, it is overrated to be a squad leader or platoon guide. Yea, you are given a little bit of responsibility over some of the other guys, but then you are also held responsible for them and you will get in trouble if they are ate up. Just like in the real Army after training.

    Just keep being motivated and in good spirits and things will go good for you.

    Good luck

  • seapumas
    1 month ago

    Usually at first your drill instructor will ask if anybody has done JROTC or has previous service experience. Those people will be the squad leaders and guide at first but they will most likely get fired soon bucause either they or someone in their squad screwed up. Then the drill instructor will pick the most motivated recruit to replace them. The squad leaders and guide are suppose to be not only the most squared away recruit but also the best team players. They must watch out for the welfare of the other recruits.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Todd, The straight up answer is that it is great to have all your abilities, which by the way are unproven till you march to graduation. The “Right Guide”, or honor recruit is the luck of the draw, unless you stand out. However, as said if you stand out to much, especially early on, the DI will bring you down as an example of their absolute authority. If your father was a retired Marine it would be a plus. Our Right Guide was a dumb azz, but his father was a retired Marine Sergeant Major so his position was written in stone. In the long run it means very little as everyone will pick up E-2 at their next assignment. So don’t focus so much on being top dog, focus on being a good Marine. Being a Marine is about being a member of the team and not an individual looking for glory.

  • Hugo
    1 month ago

    Why would you want to be one of those butt kissers? It doesn’t mean anything. And it’s nothing special. The people who are chosen to be guides and squad leaders are usually tall and march well-no brains or guts required.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    HELP OTHER RECRUITS!! Drill Instructors always notice this, and of course show initiative and leadership, and excel at PT rifle qual and academics.

  • Wanttoknow
    1 month ago

    Make sure you stand out in a good way and show major leadership skills right off the bat.

  • bharper182003
    1 month ago

    be a douche


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