How should I deal with my spoiled girlfriend (ladies please help)?

my girlfriend is naturally spoiled and so the problem is that she wants me to give her all my attention and not have a life besides her.

if we’re in an argument she always has to win or else she’ll hang up the phone and i have to call her to say sorry while she just nags away.

my friends tell me to dump her but i really love her.

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  • formerlypth
    2 decades ago

    She’s too needy. Find a girl that has more self-esteem and an interesting enough life that she doesn’t need to control yours. Break up with her now…it will happen eventually anyways if you’re already annoyed by her spoiled behavior. Good luck breaking it to her gently. :O)

  • misiak
    5 days ago

    Spoiled Girlfriend

  • Julie
    2 decades ago

    If you love her then you just need to be honest and direct with her about how you’re feeling. Tell her that you love spending time with her, but that you need to have time to do things with other friends and have time to yourself. Maybe you could plan one or two nights a week that will be special date nights just for you and her. You could go out one night and stay in and hang out on another.

    As for the arguments, your gf sounds like she is either immature or selfish. She seems controlling. If your talk with her does not go well, I guess it’s your choice whether or not you want to put up with that behavior. But, if you really love her and she really loves you, you should be able to work things out.

    Good luck. 🙂

  • MedStudent
    2 decades ago

    My god child, please dump this girl. Why would you want to be with some dumb broad who nags at you all night long? Guys hate nagging, and so should you. It’s great that you can deal with that because you love her, but shes not the only girl out there. Just dump her a$$!!!!

  • red angel
    2 decades ago

    If you really love her then tell her that her behavior is not acceptable. Explain how it makes you feel and if she doesnt change then you need to let her go or else put up with it for the rest of your relationship, which probably wont last much longer.

  • da baddest
    2 decades ago

    look herre now snap out of it and quit bein her lap dog, i no yo mamma raised u to treat a lady rite but i kno she didn’t mean get stepped on like u some antz or somethin. have u ever heard the song bossy by kelis. if u haven’t listen to it and i kno datz how ur gurl is but listen if u luv her then sit down and talk to her and let her kno how u feel if she can’t deal with u bein straight up wit her then i guess ur friends are rite u don’t need her. but if she says she will try and change or do betta then i guess shez really da one. but neva be her lap dog again.


  • turtle33
    2 decades ago

    If you love her and want to stay with her, you better learn to love her nagging spoiled ways, because she isn’t going to change.

  • sera_sear21
    2 decades ago

    treat her exactly the way she does to you,nag her,don’t let her spend time with anyone else but you..etc for 1 week.then when she complains or get angry.tell her how you feel when she does so…ask her to be considerate or you would leave,and stay away one week.

  • rhainabel
    2 decades ago

    Theirs a lot of girls around don’t stick to her your just spoiling her she thinks you cant break her that’s why he keeps hurting you

  • treatau
    2 decades ago

    this is not the girl for you,she doesnt sound like she is going to be your soal mate or your one true love mov eon and dont be saddened by that but be gratefull

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