How old is eren yeager from Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan was released a year ago in April 2013. March 2014 marked his birthday. How old is he now? 10 points for best answer

3 Answers

  • Justsmile
    7 days ago

    probably 16. He was 10 when his mother died, 12 when he started training, and 15 when he graduated. Since his birthday just passed, he`s most likely 16 now.

  • Animelover786
    7 days ago

    he is 15 the wall was broken and his mom died when he was 10 2 years later he decide to train to kill titans and 3 years later he graduated to a full titan killer so he s 15

  • mally
    5 days ago

    How Old Is Jager

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