How much would a pawn shop give for a sapphire crystal movado watch?

It’s in good condition and I’m wondering how much a pwnshop would give for it.


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  • ?
    1 month ago

    Not nearly what it’s worth, sometimes if there is an old clock repair shop they will buy watches or antique clocks/watches. Compare the price before you go to a pawn shop, if you find a repair man that loves his work it’s because he appreciates the quality of workmanship & usually are willing to give a decent price…Good Luck & God Bless

  • Artemis
    1 month ago

    Movado watches are in the $1000+ range, but I wouldn’t expect to see that from a pawn shop.

    Assuming you paid $1500 for your watch (fairly standard for Movado), you’ll probably see a few hundred from the pawn shop. If you go to a used jewelry store you’ll have better luck as they will appreciate the quality of your watch much more than most pawn shops.

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