How much water do parakeets drink?

I got a parakeet on Friday. This is my third day with her. She has food and water. I change her water ever morning. But she has not drank any water!! She hasn’t even gone near her water. How much water do parakeets need to drink to survive? How much do your parakeets drink and how often? THANKS!!

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  • me
    1 month ago

    This exact thing happened when I got my parakeet. I never saw him drink from his water. He was very scared. Parakeets are shy about eating and drinking, Most likely, she drinks when you are not in the room. Otherwise, when she get thirsty enough, she will drink. She won’t let herself dehydrate. Let her have a little time alone to explore her cage and look around the room. When she gets comfortable, she will move around and drink. After about a week or two, you can start to hand tame her. I learned all I wanted to know from this website and it taught me how to hand tame my parakeet! Hope I helped! (the website is below)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sometimes birds need to get used to new surroundings. Parakeets don’t drink a whole lot, but they shouldn’t go several days without any water. First, it’s possible that she did drink and you didn’t see. Is she eating?

    If you’re really worried, what you can do as a temporary solution is to take the perches out of the cage. Put some food on the floor, along with some water in a little jar lid or something. Then she’ll be able to find them until she gets used to her new home.

    Don’t worry; she’s probably fine. Most animals will not allow themselves to die of hunger or thirst if there is food and water available.

  • Kid of the King
    1 month ago

    I used to have a parakeet it doesn’t seem like they drink there water but they do just it doesn’t seem like a lot to us but to them it is. Keep changing the water every day to keep the water clean and once a month you should bleach the bowl that it is in. I hope I helped you some.

  • Beth P
    1 month ago

    Birds in general do not drink all that much water. She knows what she needs. Just keep eye on her. also is there anything near her water dish like a toy or item she would be afraid of. Sometimes that will deter them from going near to drink. She may be drinking but it will not show to much in the water as they drink just tiny sips.

  • pianist09
    1 month ago

    I think she should at least be drinking a little bit. They tend to drink more when it is hot. Try to add mineral drops in the water that you can get from the pet store for birds. I hope she’s ok. Good Luck.

  • 1 month ago

    are her eyes clear is her vent clean does she fluff up all the time, if she does that she might she might be sick ,she has to get her drink sometimes or shel dehydrate ,try 2 shallow dishes for water,and mist her with warm water shell get a drink wile preening,and they drink when there thirsty

  • Michelle
    1 month ago

    i have three cockatiels, i don’t see much of a level change in their water. i see them drink. they just scoop a little in their beak and tip their heads back, only a couple times, a few times a day maybe, so that’s really not that much water.

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