How much should I charge for feeder mice?

I’m going to start breeding and selling feeder mice in bulk to make some extra cash and to save money on feeding my own snake. I don’t want to overcharge, I want the reptile owners to come to me knowing they’re getting a good deal so how much should I charge per mouse. Pinkies, Fuzzies and small mice.

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  • Sandy
    10 hours ago

    A guy in my city was charging a dollar a mouse. It didn’t matter if it was a pink or a full grown mouse. He made a killing on it. He has since stopped selling mice, and I know a few snake owners that were disappointed when he “retired”.

    It was great, because it was cheaper then what the pets shops were selling them for, and it kept the math simple.

  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    In the beginning start of with cheap prices and then build up the prices but not to much at a time just a little so that you have a lot of customers and they will see that you are reliable and cheap and will properly Always buy there . that is how i did it !! Remember to try and sell the mice as pets, people don’t like it when you say feeder mice and will be offended just for in case someone wants to make you stop selling mice just tell them” it is as pets , what you do with it later on doesn’t matter to you” this way nobody can make you stop selling them!

    No offense to rodent lovers i also don’t like feeding live mice

  • ?
    5 days ago

    The pet stores around where I live charge 4-5 dollars per mouse. I sell mine to a friend for 2 dollars.

  • R K
    10 hours ago

    look around and see what the going rate is at the pet stores or where ever you get them and go a little under that. or figure out what it costs you to raise them and double that.

  • Atrophy
    10 hours ago

    I won’t pay more than 1.50 for a full grown mouse.

  • Quent
    10 hours ago

    Pinkies about $1.00

    Fuzzies about $1.50

    Mice about $3.00

  • Lin
    10 hours ago

    God, this is repulsive. I’m sorry, I don’t know, it’s just… feeding a live creature to another, sealing it’s fate and giving it to it’s predator without anything…it just disguists me.

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