How much millet should a conure have?

Is millet like sunflower seeds? Should it be used sparingly or every day, because every day I give my conure two inches and she eats all of it. She’s five months in case that matters.

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  • Goldy
    1 month ago

    Millets are the basic content of most seed mixes, a good seed mix should include a variety and also Canary seed, a little Hemp and Sunflower,but if you mean Spray Millet,then give this as a treat ,as birds will get too like this ,and will refuse any other seed in preference.

    Your bird needs green leafed veg. such as Broccoli, Kale .Celery etc ,but in small portions.included in it’s daily food.

    A bird will have a long and healthy life if you feed a good variety of foods and Pellets should not be the only feed that they are given more so in a young bird , by all means mix a very small addition if you feel that is what you want, but remember it is what your bird wants and not you.

    As a bird breeder of various species of Parrots and alike I would never feed Pellets.

    I have recently lost my pet Cockatiel which was 32 years 5 months old it was only fed on Natural foods such as seed and veg, I have an 85 years old African Grey which has been fed on this natural diet so I believe in natural foods and I do not believe that any bird can survive as long as this on Pellets.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should not be giving too much millet since a mostly seeded diet is not healthy for birds. Hopefully your bird is on a pelleted diet and millet can be used as treats.

  • Ted
    1 month ago

    millet is a good snack food most of your bird seed contains a large quantity of millet in it

    but conure’s and parakeets enjoy picking it off the stem themselves

    you can give them a full sprig of it and they may eat the whole thing in 1 or 2 days

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