How much is a Burton Twin Ouija snowboard worth?

I just bought one and I looked up online and its very rare. I cannot get an accurate price range on it though. Its a vintage snowboard from 1994 and is in excellent shape. It is still ride able. If anyone knows how much these go for now I would really appreciate. No eBay links to current auctions I have already checked.

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  • Judo No
    1 month ago

    well considering the 90’s were the last time Burton made good quality boards i’d say it’s fairly descent. However, because of it’s age you won’t get much for it. Anyone that says they can get $1500 for it is high off something. Burton’s notorious for being over-priced but their newer self-proclaimed high quality high tech boards aren’t even worth $1500. I’d say keep it so you can be one of a few group of people to say that you have one of the last boards burton made that were of descent to good quality before they decided to go with making money and screwing their customers over with crap material.

  • Angela
    5 days ago

    NOTHING. The way technology has progressed in the last 6 years is phenomenal. Anything older than 3 to 4 years might as well have been made by cavemen. No sane person would pay more than 10 bucks for all your gear. And the only reason they would pay that is for the novelty factor to show ppl that they have an almost 20 year old board. You can either throw this away, or give it to some snowboarder who can make it into a bench or something as a project. Or give it to a restaurant in the mountains. Like the ones that have old skiing and snowboarding gear hanging on the walls. But if you really find anyone that will pay more than 20 bucks for this, send em my way. I have a bridge that needs selling.

  • SE
    1 month ago

    It’s not that rare and not worth that much.

    I see them ALL THE TIME on eBay and they usually

    sell for well under $100.

    If it was new (never used), it would probably be worth more.

    It was the first true twin, but there are lots of them out there.

  • Hayden G
    1 month ago

    I got one. i got it for $1550 no lie. It’s the most accurate u can get. Enjoy

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