How much is 50 Apaxmai Nenthkonta of 1978 Paper Bill worth in Indian Rupees?

I have a paper bill with apaxmai nenthkonta written on it (looks like greek currency to me). it is 50. How much could it be worth in Indian Rupees or American Dollar??

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  • F. Frederick Skitty
    10 hours ago

    If it still has value (It probably doesn’t, since Greece switched to the Euro in 2002), it would have a face value of US$0.21 (not quite 10 Indian rupees). It is worth around US$1.00 as a collectible.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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  • Anja
    5 days ago

    50 ΔΡΑΧΜΑΙ ΠΕΝΗΚΟΝΤΑ of 1978 is collectable pronounced “Drachme Penikonta” in 1978 it had a good value I believe some people would work for a month to get a wage of 50 drachmas (but I am not very sure)

  • Kowondra
    6 days ago

    how much is 500,000 apaxmai nenthkonta of 1944 worth in USA

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