How much is 150 grams?

I need to know how much chicken is in 150 grams. I’m really bad at math and stuff so can someone tell me how many cups of chicken is in 150 grams

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  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    Is it because you are used to ounces? 100 grams is very approximately 4 ounces. That’s the conversion used for most recipes.

    If you are on a very particular diet, then you need to be more accurate. When you buy chicken pieces, there should be the weight of your purchase on the price tag or label.

    I bought two large chicken breasts last week and they weighed 630 grams. So 150 grams would be a little bit less than half a large chicken breast.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    150 Grams

  • Jake
    8 days ago

    Well, the conversion is from cups(volume) to grams(weight) so in order to figure this out, you need to know how much one cup of chickens weighs(density). So, it’s hard to just give you a number…

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