How much does it cost for a horse to get saddle broken?

I want to get a horse broke but how much does/did it cost to saddle break?

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  • black bunny
    1 month ago

    Just to ‘green break’ a horse…around here $400-$500 for ’30 days training’

    The horse is usually broke to ride, and responding to leg and rein cues.

    By no means is this a ‘finished’ horse.

    It’s going to depend on where you live, and what discipline you are going for.

    Definitely check references on your ‘trainer.’ There’s a girl on here who’s horse had a broom or rake…can’t remember…broke over her horse’s back…and now she can’t hardly do anything with her horse. And she could before she sent it to a ‘trainer.’

  • Jeff Sadler
    1 month ago

    It depends how well broke you want it. I know someone who charges a flat rate of $250 and is the best trainer around. He guarantees his work and requires a written contract by the owner that the horse will be ridden a certain number of times per week in the way he demonstrates. This is still a green horse when you get it back. It still needs the experience provided by miles of riding. But it knows all the cues and will be quite responsive.

  • Ajierene
    1 month ago

    Depends on where you go – I charge $20 a session, which would amount to about $400 a month, working with the horse 5 days a week.

    Some places will charge $800 – which usually includes board and training.

    Other places will charge much more. Rarely will a place charge less. It partially depends on how much a reputation they have, what discipline they usually do, how many show champion they have helped train, etc.

  • hodgkiss
    5 days ago

    It rather is dependent upon what aspect of North PA you’re at. If you’re in NorthEastern PA, the Scranton discipline, you’ll be able to discover well coaching locations at fair costs. If you’re in principal PA, the costs possibly correct however discovering the correct teacher possibly just a little more difficult. If you’re in Western PA in the direction of Erie, it’ll be extra high-priced than within the east.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    wel the ppl we went to for our first horser we paid 450 $.. but they didn’t just saddle break they trained and all that stuff.. but it is kinda spendy.. then again.. i dont know what area you are in and i don’t know how the horse people work up there but don’t be surprised if its spendy. sometimes people find real young trainers.. a person i know is around my age but she only asks for like 25-50 $ and you pay for the hay for ur horse.

  • i.WoNt.SaY.iT.
    1 month ago

    for starting a horse under saddle I charge 150-270 for board and 100 a month for training. For extensive training it gets a little higher but not much. it can get up to 220 (not with board) a month for the training for me but thats heavy all-round show horse training and lessons for the rider included. For simple correction of a bucking, rearing, biting etc. problem I go as low as 50-70 or just 20 dollar sessions (not with board) a month depending on the problem. I charge 150 for starting a horse on both groundwork and saddle work but again that also includes lessons with horse and rider.

    the board is flexible too. i train at a barn and there is pasture board, stall board, and stall with paddock board, and self-care, partial-care (which i do the barn doesn’t have partial care), and full-care. full-care they do and that gets pricey. i always work something out that fits budget and horse and rider. I also trade, I had one guy that wanted his horse trained and he traded doing all my partial-care chores plus self-care on his own horse and turn-in turn-out and helped with grooming and hot-walking. in return for being pretty much my stable assistant I boarded and did training sessions with him and his horse. he’s still here and he mucks-out and does turn-in and turn-out on all the horses in exchange for his stall. he still helps me with hot-walking and grooming and comes with me to shows as a groom and handler if i need it.

  • Chappy
    1 month ago

    the prices will range from trainer to trainer

    what discipline your working toward

    how much time your horse will be rode etc word to the wise

    everybody con ciders there self a trainer!

  • S
    1 month ago

    dont no what it cost. but check around you get what you pay for so get someone good.

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