how much does coton de tulear cost in Philippines? and where can i buy one?

im planning on buying a new dog and i want to buy coton de tulear but~ i dunno how much it cost here in Philippines. hope you can help me so0n~ … tnx~ everione~

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  • dontpugme
    1 month ago

    In quezon city, males are 25,000 pesos. Females are 30,000 pesos. Try this link:…

    Make sure the people ask many questions about you or else the dogs will not be healthy.

  • rangnow
    5 days ago

    component to your situation would be that domestic dog hair isn’t clipped interior the %you offered. relies upon on the size you decide on & CAN look after between groomings desperate the fee. maximum groomers won’t be able to go away coat longer than a million.5″ – 2″ as a results of fact that it rather is the longest length you could go away with clippers. Hand scissoring to be longer would be actual two times the fee. (wager for that dogs could be 3″ a minimum of) the difficulty is maximum folk of householders won’t be able to keep their dogs’ coats tangle/mat loose rather with a coton. That breed is rather a nightmare to maintain up. The time shrink count on how ell you do at homestead – extra valuable the job, the longer between groomings you could go. expenses variety very much from diverse places & international places. Estimates here for a million” – 2″ everywhere from $40 – $eighty for clipping coat is nice difficulty. extra in undesirable difficulty if waiting to do in any respect, scissoring double expenses.

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