How much do a 7 letter tattoo cost?

I want to get “Blessed” tattooed on the side of my hand in cursive,..i don’t know if this has anything to do with this but i live in minneapolis,MN

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  • shygirl
    1 month ago

    Unless you are heavily tattooed already, you’ll have a tough time finding an artist that will give you a hand tattoo. But if you do, they usually charge by the hour. A small, simple font would cost shop minimum. I have seen shop minimum be as little as $50 and as high as $150 per hour. Your tattoo would take about an hour to complete. So, find out what the shop hourly rate is, and you;ll get your answer to your question.

  • Rachel
    5 days ago

    I’m getting 2 x 7 letter tattoo but in elvish of my kids names and its £35 for one £30 for the other (cos doing 2 together)

  • Tori and Kylee’s mommy
    1 month ago

    all of the tattoo places i went to had a $50 min. so it will probably cost $50. my husband has my daughters name Victoria in cursive on his arm and thats how much it cost.

  • thereaper
    1 month ago

    usually they go $20 a letter so $120 but with detail jus a lil more.

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