How much can a 3 pound pot roast feed?

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    5 days ago

    Most caterers will tell you to plan on 1/2 to 3/4 lbs of meat per person for 1 serving. If you plan on having several side dishes you could cut the serving size down to around 1/3 lb. I’d rather have too much than not enough though, so I would plan on about about 1/2 lb per serving. That is actually a lot of meat. 🙂 So, with that, I’d go with 15-20lbs of meat. For veggies; 3 onions, 3-4 bags of carrots, and 8lbs of potatoes. Just imagine you’re cooking 3 or 4 5lb roasts. There will be other sides, I presume, so everyone will be filling there plates with the sides too. The meat will make it’s own juice, but you can add a little broth if you feel the need. Good luck and I hope your dinner is a success. 🙂

  • kja63
    1 month ago

    If it’s 3 pounds to start with, it’ll cook down a bit. Then it depends on the appetites of everyone. Some people are bigger eaters than others. Assume you will have 2-3/4 pounds of cooked meat. A 6 ounce serving should be fine for most (some will eat less, others more). So about 7 people.

  • JJ
    1 month ago

    The basic rule for UNCOOKED meat, for generous portions:

    1/4 lb per person if the meat is only part of the dish, like spaghetti & meatballs, lasagne, stir-fry, meat pies.

    1/2 lb. per person if the meat is the actual main course, like prime rib, steaks, fried chicken.

    So your 3-lb roast will serve about 6.

  • rickey_d
    1 month ago

    lol…there’s no way in hell you can feed 8 people on a three pound roast unless your at a vegan convention….my roomie and i finished it off ourselves…with a little for the dog;-)

  • Helpfulhannah
    1 month ago

    4-5 adults

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  • Spirit-X
    1 month ago

    I’d say 7 me’s and 30 you’s.

  • Smoot
    1 month ago

    2 bears

  • tweezerette
    1 month ago

    after it is cooked I would say four people.

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