how many songs can 2GB of memory hold on an mp3 player?

i no that 1GB holds like 240 songs i think but im not sure how much 2GB holds, im curious, cuz im thinkin bout buying an mp3 here soon

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  • Knowledge Seeker
    2 decades ago

    It really depends on the bit-rate at which the songs are encoded.

    Subscription music songs on Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go are 192kbps and about 5.5MB a song.

    1GB holds about 180 songs @ 192kbps.

    2GB holds about 360 songs @ 192kbps.

    1GB holds about 220 songs @ 164kbps.

    2GB holds about 440 songs @ 164kbps.

    1GB holds about 280 songs @ 128kbps.

    2GB holds about 560 songs @ 128kbps.

    Actual numbers may be less as space will be taken up on the cards for filesystem overhead. Or if you are into long techno trance songs that last for 7-10 minutes, you’ll gat fewer songs on a card.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    How Many Songs 2gb

  • leroyjenkinson
    2 decades ago


  • Malcolm uses Xbox 360 Avatar
    2 decades ago

    300-350 songs depending with 4 minutes and 128 kbps

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Depends on what file format…if it is Mp3 it is roughly 500 songs…if the format is WMA the capacity goes up almost 1.5 times that.

  • tweety
    2 decades ago

    i think a 1000 songs…. by an ipod…. because a 1 gb ipod nano holds like 500 songs.. also it all depends on the song and the length of it too…

    hope this helps..

    as well as the format which i forgot to mention…

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    if a song is about 4minutes ling it will hold about 480 to 500.good luck

  • ck33181
    2 decades ago

    Depends on the bitrate and length of the songs

  • Unforgettable
    2 decades ago

    approximately 480 songs or 32 hours

  • durb1215
    2 decades ago

    well lets see if 1GB holds 240 then 2GB would hold 480

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