How many mph does a 21 speed bike go?

Just want to know because I want to get one

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  • Jacob
    1 month ago

    as fast as u can pedal

  • Aviation or Bust
    1 month ago

    Like others said, it’s how hard you peddle. I installed a speedometer on my bike (21 speed and 16, yes 16, years old) and went on a bike lane where I knew I would always hit around my fastest speed. It is slightly downhill, so not a very accurate figure, but I hit 28 mph, and could likely get to 30+ on a really good day. After that ride my average speed was found to be 13.3, but I wasn’t trying to go very fast most of the time. So, anyway, so far I’ve seen that 18 mph is the best speed I can maintain for a long distance, but of course that depends on your fitness, and the quality of the bike. Maximum speed usually seems to peak at 21-25.

  • edward w
    1 month ago

    exactly what they said and if you hold onto the bike while standing beside it and let it go…it wont go anywhere it will fall over. Only YOU can make it go 1mph or above! Now if you get to lets say 21mph then it will also depend on the type of bike and the width of tire you are using, the wider the tire the slower you go, this is called rolling resistance. The narrow the tire then potentially the faster you may go = less rolling resistance. Get on and pedal, get serious about it and do it every day and you will go fast. Get on it only one time a month or not at all and you will never know exactly. Sticking to riding a bike for health reasons takes determination. Good luck – ride hard!!

  • Meghan
    1 month ago

    A bike, any bike goes as fast as you make it. Bikes are still powered by the people riding them, and more or less speeds won’t change how fast you CAN go. Certain speed settings make certain routes less work for you to take, like uphill, downhill, etc. But how fast the bike itself can go is up to the rider.

  • the evil
    1 month ago

    if you are talking about a road bike, this is a complicated question. tour de france riders can make 45 mph in a sprint on level ground. i’ve been at 60 mph when coasting downhill in a tuck, a popular video on youtube depicts a rider downhilling at 110mph on dirt.

    anyone in reasonable shape can ride one of these things an average of 18-20 mph for hours.

  • kaci
    5 days ago

    I doubt very plenty which you will get 35 mph on a dept shop mountain motorbike on flat floor. it may take virtually 900 watts to try this. greater possibly, your speedo isn’t calibrated appropriate or the line isn’t as flat as you think of.

  • Firecracker67
    1 month ago

    0 mph the rider is a different story

  • Jens
    1 month ago

    as fast you can you legs are the engine. and i believe your bike is a 3X7 so it isnt a road bike so probably not as fast a bike like this…

  • Peter Griffin
    1 month ago

    alex, ya ain’t too bright

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