how many f’s do you have to have in 7th grade to fail?

im in the 7th grade and im wondering about how many f’s it takes to fail i have 1 f on three report cards now the same subject math

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  • John Koterba
    1 month ago

    Well, it depends on your school district and how they run things over where you go to school. But if you have three report cards all with an F in math, I think it’s safe to say you’ll need to attend summer school or you’ll have to re-take 7th grade math during 8th grade. I’m not sure if you’ll be held back a whole grade, but I wouldn’t know. You can ask your school counselor(s) for advice. I hope everything works out!

  • slyster
    1 month ago

    I had a similar situation happen to me.

    In my case I had three ‘F’s as well. The first two ‘F’s made up my first semester. Since I got them both times, I had to repeat the first semester of math the first half of the following year but not the second half. (This might happen to you as well)

    For the fourth quarter I knew I had to get a high grade in the class like an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ to even out the last semester. If you get anything lower than a ‘B’ you’ll fail the second semester and if that happens more than likely you’ll have to repeat it.

    Another option you might want to consider is talking to a counselor. If you explain your situation they might be able to come up with an alternative, like summer school (time span of about a month) or ask if they could put you into a slower paced class or one on one tutoring. If you come to them before it’s too late and tell them you have a problem, they will feel more responsible if you fail your last quarter and make all the more effort to see you pass.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    I’m not sure but i am guessing it is 2 or 3 something like that and you should really try to raise your math grade,seriously an F math is the easiest subject ever i’m in 9th grade and i have an A+, and I’m not a nerd so don’t think about it..Try it is free tutoring when you ask a question they answer it right away and show you how it’s awesome and FREE..Try it….

  • time~flys//–”/. “
    1 month ago

    math is tough but you can become very good at it. its not that hard people just give it a bad name. really all you have to do is break down the problem into little chunks. Some people read a question and they become overwhelmed because its long and big but if you learn to break apart the problem you become bigger than the question. It becomes bits of easy math like 3+1

  • MyDearJuliett
    1 month ago

    Im in 8th. Hah! Well, you can have atleast.. 1 f in the first trimenster and another f in the second trimenster then you have to have atleast a C to pass your 3rd trimester to graduate 7th.

  • MAttsquestions
    1 month ago

    if you have 1 F when you graduate in 7th grade, you either repeat the grade or repeat the class or take summer school but will vary on the area where you live and state..

  • Kat
    1 month ago

    You can’t fail in middle school. It’s part of this “No Left Behind” program. But your parents can decide whether you pass or fail. High school is way different though.

  • ?
    6 days ago

    if you have a F in Social Studies and a F in Language Arts for both Semester 1 & 2 will you pass or fail for the school year Warren Middle School…

  • ?
    5 days ago

    i’m unsure yet whilst i became in seventh grade (2 years in the past) in florida it became like this: in case you get one F, then that classification you are able to desire to take over or they also have a forgiveness rule in case you do nicely on the final examination forgive the F

  • Liana
    1 month ago

    no, you proabably dont have to worry about one f. Just get a tutor in math. In middle school, grades dont matter that much. I am a seveth grader.

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