How many episodes of NCIS have Tony DiNozzo being injured?

I saw the one when he got hit by McGee on accident and got a nosebleed and one where he got shot, and I’ve been told that he gets pneumonia plague. My friend, Mary, loves episodes like that (don’t ask me why, I don’t know. Its the emotional side of her or whatever) so I need to know some to watch with her on her birthday. Fanfictions are also her favorite thing, so if you know a good one like that, that isn’t too gruesome then I’d love to read it to her or email her it.


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  • Roxanne
    8 days ago

    “Missing” Episode 1.20 – Tony is missing and the team can’t find him.

    “Chained” Episode 2.10 – Tony goes undercover as an escaped prisoner and ends up in some real danger.

    “Under Covers” Episode 3.8 – Tony and Ziva go undercover as a married couple.

    “Boxed In” Episode 3.12 – Tony and Ziva are trapped in a shipping container together the entire episode.

    “Hiatus (Part 2)” Episode 3.24 – Gibbs retires and makes Tony head of the team.

    “Shalom” Episode 4.1 – Tony’s leadership skills are tested as team leader.

    “Angel of Death” Episode 4.24 – Tony has to save Jean from being held captive in the morgue.

    “Bury your Dead” Episode 5.1 – The car Tony was supposed to have been driving blows up, is it him driving?

    “Internal Affairs” Episode 5.14 – Tony has to confront his feelings about Jean when her father turns up dead.

    “Judgment Day (Part 1 and 2)” Episodes 5.18&5.19 – Ziva and Tony deal with director Shepards death.

    “Agent Afloat” Episode 6.2 – Tony has been reassigned to a Naval ship. The team goes to check on him and get him back.

    “Cloak” Episode 6.8 – Tony and Ziva are captured and Tony tries to save her not knowing that the bullets are fake.

    “Legend (Part 2),” “Semper Fidelis,” and “Aliyah” Episodes 6.23-6.25 – Tony questions Ziva’s loyalty to NCIS, kills her boyfriend, and loses her when she quits NCIS.

    “Truth or Consequences” Episode 7.1 – Entire episode told from Tony’s point of view. Tony will not accept Ziva’s death and sets out on a suicide mission to avenge her death.

  • Satsuki
    8 days ago

    The plague episode is called “SWAK”. That’s one.

    In the Season 9 premiere he gets shot and I think he is in the hospital for a day from a concussion. Two.

    Then of course there is “Truth Or Consequences” where he gets held captive with Ziva and McGee by some guys in Somalia. They all look awful. Three.

    In an earlier episode where he is under cover with Ziva, he gets punched a few times by a baddie while tied to a chair. (Don’t worry he kicks his *** while still tied to the chair :D)

    In a season four episode, he gets pistol-whipped by some druggie guy. The finale I think.

    In one of the last season 6 episodes he gets in a fight with Ziva’s boyfriend and breaks his collar bone or something. He wore a sling.

    That’s six so far, and I know there’s waaay more but I can’t think of them all.

    Edit: There’s another where he gets knocked out from behind while he’s talking to Gibbs and taken to a sewer somewhere. I haven’t seen that one in a while.

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