How many calories do you burn as a cashier?

I’m 5’4″, 106 lbs, and work as a cashier for four hours.

The first two hours are really busy, the last two are pretty slow.

How many calories do I burn?

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  • Ed
    1 month ago

    Working as a cashier is considered light office work. This activity will burn more calories than sitting on the couch watching television, but less calories than unloading trucks to stock the shelves where you work.

    From the calorie counting websites I have cited below, taking an average of what they indicate, I come up with a figure of approximately 500 calories burned. Your calorie expenditure would be around the same amount you’d burn for slow walking for the same period of time.

    If it gets very busy for a couple of hours, with longer lines and more people buying merchandise, it won’t effect your calorie expenditure by much.

    If you are looking to burn more calories, you should focus on more intense physical activities after work. According to the calorie counting websites I researched, activities like climbing stairs–real ones or machines–at a quick pace, without holding onto the rails, or running or bicycling briskly, will burn many times what you burn as a cashier.

    Still, you are right to include your cashier work in your calories burned inventory, if you are looking to balance calorie intake and expenditure to maintain a healthy weight. You burn calories even when you sleep, even though the number may be minimal.

    Fitness is only possible when you monitor your activities closely, taking the time to analyze what you eat and how you exercise, so you are to be commended for that. I wish you a long, healthy life.

  • Jennifer M
    6 days ago

    It also depends on what type of cashiering you do also. If your a grocery cashier you might not burn as many calories as say one who works at a home improvement store. I work at one and there is some heavy lifting involved. Plus I work as a self checkout cashier and I tend to move around allot asking each customer if they found everything. Helping to scan the heavier items that can’t be put on the scanner. I wore my pedometer which tells me how many calories I burnt in a 2 hour time frame and that was at about 200 calories

  • ?
    5 days ago

    It relies upon on how lots you weigh yet once you look up a weightloss calculator you could put in how lots you weigh, decide on status as your pastime and for a manner long you do it for and then it supply you an counseled anticipated wager. additionally I advise you place money right into a foot spa 🙂 they paintings wonders 🙂

  • izzy
    1 month ago

    You need around 2000 calories to maintain your present weight

  • ~hels~
    1 month ago

    not many at all

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