How long would it take me to walk 0.4 miles…?

I want to go to a new bus stop even though this one is more far away. There’s lots of people at that bus stop and I’m all alone at mine. The walk is slightly uphill, I have pretty long legs, but I have to carry a (usually) heavy backpack and sometimes a trumpet. How long would it take me to walk there?

PS- I would get up and try it but I don’t want to walk around and people be like “WTF why is she wearing a backpack and carrying around a suitcase, it’s Sunday!” So yeah, but if it comes to that, I will. but I’d rather just do this. Thanks to all.

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  • fire4511
    1 month ago

    Walk the trip without the backpack and other things. Time the trip! Allow another 5-10 minutes because of the added weight!

    After about a week of this walk, I would bet you will go back to the closer bus stop!

  • Kathy
    1 month ago

    I would say with a backpack and a hill, you could probably do it in 10 minutes. You will build up some leg muscles.

    Most people can walk a mile in 20 minutes, but that is on a flat track and not lugging a heavy backpack.

  • izzie
    1 month ago

    Between 10 and 15 minuts,depends on your speed and stride.

  • jonboy2five
    1 month ago

    even if you walk slowly, say 2.5 mph, it will only take you 24 minutes. at 3.5 mph (which is doable) its only 17 minutes…

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