How long would a 35 inch dress be on someone that is about 4 foot 11?

above the knee? at the knee? below the knee?

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  • 1 month ago

    measure from ur body down, as everyone will have differnt length body and legs etc.

    the dress itself is 2ft 11ins. so my guess generally would be (measuring on myself – 5ft 3ins) at the knee.

    so for you maybe below the knee.

  • Jenn
    1 month ago

    well seein that 35 inches is about 3 feet, it would be about knee length, it really depends on ur curves too where it would hit as most arent straight as can be people…if u had a larger bust and a bigger bum, it would be shorter looking and at the knee… if u had a flatter chest and a small bum it would be below the knee on the calf…a 35 inch dress on me is slightly below my crotch and bum at a bit over 5’8″ with a larger chest and a thicker bum that most have, someone the same height it will be a bit longer if they have smaller parts and therefore less surface area to cover…and leg length is about the same if ur the same height…u cannot have more vertebrate than what a human has genetically, so ur torso should be the same varied by a centimeter or so…so naturally ur leg length should be about the same as n e one else that is 4’11” minus or plus a couple centimeters as most, its just some look longer because of how the weight in the leg is distributed and how much of it is muscle to fat weight.

  • C. Lo
    1 month ago

    I’m 5’4″ and a 35″ dress is about knee length on me. So I figure for someone that is 4’11” it would be below the knee close to calf length.

  • ellefson
    5 days ago

    34 Inch In Feet

  • emogirl94
    1 month ago

    hey! i’m 5 foot 1….. and on me, it would go down to ABOUT at the knee… maybe for you, a few inches above the knee, but not much! 🙂

    because 36 inches is 3 feet….. so yeah… i hoped i helped! 🙂 good luck.

  • ladf;kjdls
    1 month ago

    Probablly mid or low thigh, take a measuring tape/ruler and measure 2 feet and 11 inches starting from your shoulder, and that should give you a good idea of where it will end.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i would say that’s about the knee lil below. i did the math lol. u would have about 2 feet left ; ) but then again, u might have long legs… so i might be wrong

  • Wally Walker
    1 month ago

    this is a totally math related question not to demean you but this question is s.l.o.w. the dress would be 2 foot and 9 inches. above the knee if you actually have boobs and at the knee if you don’t have boobs (but still pretty short)

  • Winona TL
    5 days ago

    I’m 5’2 and I’m a bit curvy

  • kim
    1 month ago

    it depends how long your legs are, the dress is 2’11” long though….so you could always measure it yourself. i’m 5’2″ so it would be different if i tried. but if i was 4’11” i would deff. measure it for you.

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