How long does it take to get a copy of a key?

Can I get it back in one day?

Also, can mailbox keys be copied too?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A copy of a flat, physical key can be made while you wait. Maybe hardware stores have key making machines. Any key can be copied, even when it has “DO NOT COPY” stamped on it.

    If you’re talking a key-less key, those must come from the manufacturer and can takes days or weeks to be be delivered.

  • erndog1001
    1 month ago

    Any key can be copied in a manner of minutes.However some keys are special and you need permission to get them copied or you can only get the copy from someone who is authorized to give them out.And I would imagine that a mailbox key would fall into this category.

  • carlo
    1 month ago

    i got mine copied in less than 10 minutes.. 2 keys..

    mailbox keys? what do they look like.. i guess they can be copied too..

  • iamsuranovi
    1 month ago

    Some keys are illegal to copy, but the ones you can can be done in only a few minutes- while you wait.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    It varies depending on the place that you go to. Normally less than 10 mins. I recommend searching around to get the best price you can as key cutting is getting quite competitive in some areas. I used to get my keys cut for about £7 but a new place does it for about £2.50.

  • just browsin
    1 month ago

    About 10 minutes

  • bchaller001
    1 month ago

    it takes about 2 mins to make;yes; um is it a post office key they frown on that but you can

  • alanstraughton
    1 month ago

    should only take 2 minutes, mail box keys cant be coppied

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