How long does it take for a long haired dachshunds long hair to grow in?

I have a mini long haired dachshund who is about 10 weeks old. She has wavy hair on her ears which is a little longer but otherwise has the coat of a smooth haired dachshund. How long does it usually take for their long hair to grow in?

2 Answers

  • FidosCityGuide
    9 days ago

    It can take time for the hair to grow out, but by now you should be seeing some growth. full coat at about a year.

  • phennicie
    5 days ago

    It can take as much as 2 years, relying at the puppy. I have had four longhair doxies, at the first – his hair was once on no account relatively lengthy besides round his ears. The second had hair slightly longer however nonetheless now not lengthy and flowing – the opposite 2 simply grew to become 3 and their hair most effective extends approximately two inches underneath their stomachs. All have been from one of a kind mothers and fathers.

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