How long do penny boards usually take to ship?

Hi, I live in Oregon and need my penny board to arrive in a certain amount of time, how long does it usually take them to ship a non-customized penny board? With any time of shipping, thanks!

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    8 days ago

    It really depends on where your penny board is being shipped from.

    It should be less than a week if its from the official store, amazon etc.

    But yeah it depends no more than a few weeks,

  • kuy
    5 days ago

    Custom Penny Boards

  • Tommy
    8 days ago

    What’s the difference between a Penny and a Nickel?

    The Penny is 22” long x 6” wide. The ride is amazing and turns like no other skateboard you will ever ride. It is small enough to stick in your backpack or school locker .

    The Nickel is a bigger board. 27” long x 7.5” wide. This board is a great cruiser board. The nickel is made out of exactly the same plastic and has the perfect amount of flex and strength while maintaining that perfect Penny feel. Click here to see the difference in size.

    Where can I find Penny products in my area?

    Please refer yourself to the Locator page to find the nearest Penny retailer to your area.

    Can you really run over a Penny with a car without damaging it?

    We don’t suggest it. We’ve product tested the Penny secret formula to show the amount of flex and strength a Penny has.

    This was done in a controlled manner.

    Can I have a Free Penny?

    Sorry, No.

    Does Penny have a team, and are you looking for teamriders?

    While we appreciate the support, we are not currently looking for any Penny teamriders. Thanks anyway!

    I ordered something online from a retailer… where is it?

    How long will it take to get here?

    We can’t answer this question because the purchase was not made through us, and as such we don’t know what arrangements have been made.

    We suggest contacting the retailer from which the purchase was made.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    Ha, I just bought one and am selling it. They aren’t particularly useful and get death wobbles very quickly when going down a hill. All while being able to barely fit one foot on it.

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