How high can your Chihuahua jump? (want to get a pen it can’t jump out of)?

Hey all,

I’m getting a chihuahua at the end of January, and I want to get a “playpen” type of thing to keep it in while I”m at work. Looking to build it an approximately 6 foot by 8 foot “pen” that will encompass it’s sleeping crate, food and water, litterbox, and of course toys. This is what it will stay in while I’m away at work, so that it can’t get into trouble with anything else in the house or whatnot.

Anyways, I’m wondering how high the sides of the pen need to be? How high can your chihuahua jump? If the “walls” where 2 feet high, would that be enough? Or can your chihuahua jump that high? I want her to stay enclosed in this area for her safety, don’t want her getting out.

Let me know! Thanks!

(talking about purebred chihuahuas here, not mixed-breeds that might be larger)


Yes, I’m looking at baby pen type of things, I’m just wondering if 2 feet high is tall enough? (because that’s all I’m finding in the size that I want, are pens with walls that are 2 feet high)

Yes, I’m looking at baby pen type of things, I’m just wondering if 2 feet high is tall enough? (because that’s all I’m finding in the size that I want, are pens with walls that are 2 feet high)

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  • Shane
    1 month ago

    Two feet would definitely not be high enough. For an adult dog, I’d make it at least four feet high, preferably with a roof of some sort in case your dog tries to climb out.

    You’d be a lot better off crate training the puppy and having someone come over to let him out once during your work shift. Your neighbors won’t appreciate a dog barking all day, which is nearly guaranteed if it’s outside in a pen. And unless you’re in a place where it’s summer now, the cold in January will make it miserable or kill it. Same if you’re in a hot environment.

  • golden rider
    1 month ago

    If you are not going to be gone for more than 10 hours and you walk the dog before you leave, you can leave the animal in a pet taxi. I raised Boston Terriers for ten years and this is the way we kept them during the day while at work. Just make sure they the dog has water and he’ll be fine. It also keeps them out of trouble, like chewing up things and possibly eating something they are not supposed to. If you are still planning to put up a pen, then it needs to be at least 4 to 5 feet high.

  • casey s
    1 month ago

    There are a couple taller pens at this site.

    But I think you would still have a problem with climbing unless you could cover the whole thing somehow. why don’t you just use a kennel made for a large or x large dog that would give him plenty of room, or just make a small room into his pen like the kitchen or laundry room. good luck

  • trytohelp
    1 month ago

    A young chihuahua won’t be able to jump very high, but as it gets more stable on it’s feet it will be able to jump as high as it needs to, to get where it want’s to be. I have one that can jump from the ground to a step on the side of my husbands 18 wheeler which is very high from the ground. Also he can jump on our bed which is a pedistal bed and is approx. waist high on a person. A standard baby play pen should hold a puppy, but don’t expect it to stay there forever. They are very determined dogs and will eventually learn to get out, even if it involves climbing.

    Enjoy your chihuahua, they are neat dogs, but very headstrong and sometimes can be very hard to potty train!!

  • densad105
    1 month ago

    try a pen made for babies. you know the play pen things. this way you won’t have to build anything and you’ll be sure your dog won’t get away. we had a pen like that for my german sheperd until he was about 6months-1year.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Just positioned him within the crate, and ditch the pee pads. The most effective factor you are doing through making use of the worst invention within the puppy international is telling him it is alright to crap and piss within the condominium. If you ever desire to housebreak him, do it the average manner and take him external.

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