How do you unclog dry paint from the hose of a paint sprayer?

It’s a Wagner PaintPro.

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  • crazy_gang1843
    1 month ago

    if the paint is wet which it should be, this type of tool is expensive and should be cleaned when finished with the colour you were spaying, then use thinners just like you would paint, spray thinners through spay gun..

    if the paint is dry, you haven’t got a hope in hell, need to buy another spray gun…..

  • Maleea
    6 days ago

    Step 1 pray

    Step 2 put some house hold cleaner and hot as hot can be water into a bath tub fill it up just past the hose let it sit for a while it took mine an hour then take it back to the machine hook it up with out the sprayer rolling it all the way out away from anyone or any thing let it spray out the end until it stops then turn machine off release pressure unhook hose and look at the end of the hose it was coming out of and see if the clog is at the end pull out clog if it’s not there then repeat the steps letting it sit longer in the hot water if that don’t work hoses are under 40.00 and a lot less stress related good luck

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Airless Paint Sprayer Hose

  • DIY Doc
    1 month ago

    While I’m not at all a FAN of Wagner products, (no offense to you) I have applied multiple thousands of gallons of paint, and have a suggestion.

    Obviously soaking in water might release any Latex residue, but I keep a bottle of White Vinegar handy to soak brushes in. I’ve renewed many of them I thought were destined for the trash bin.

    The condition also manifest more readily in sprayers that do not use a compressed air system.

    Steven Wolf

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My best advice is to find a new hose. If you remove the main clog chances are you will have small particles disturbing your paint gun and causing you more problems than it’s worth.

  • kneeslide12
    1 month ago

    Use warm water and let the parts soak, it will come right off, as long as it is latex paint.

  • chris g
    1 month ago

    run paint thinner through it

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