How do you say ” stay strong ” in hawaiian?

im changing my tumblr url to something in hawaiian:D

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    9 days ago

    Stay strong in Hawaiian is Noho mahi

    Hope this helps

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    4 days ago

    Strong In Hawaiian Language

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    9 days ago

    “Noho” actually means to sit such as “e noho ana au i laila” meaning I’ll sit over there, I’ll stay over there. “Mahi” means to cultivate or plant such as “e mahi kākou i ke kalo” meaning let’s plant the taro. It can also imply to be rooted strongly so it’s difficult to pull such as “he mahi ke kalo i ne’i” meaning the taro here is stuck.

    Actual terms are:

    Kū pa’a

    Stand stuck, stay strong


    Yes, it is a term for the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, but it’s because it means “be steadfast”, “stay strong”, “be unwavering” and “do not compromise”

    E ikaika kākou

    Be strong everyone

    He kū au ia

    “I stand here”

    This would be more as a challenge to others saying, “To get this you need to get through me.”

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