how do you say mermaid in japanese?

well, yea…im just curious..^^

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  • soph
    1 month ago

    “mermaid” in Japanese is:


    Note: Each character stands for:

    人(nin) = human, person

    魚(gyo) = fish

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Japanese Mermaid

  • GD173
    1 month ago

    Mermaid in Japanese is 人魚. It’s pronounced “ningyo” and is a combination of the kanji character for “person” 人 (nin) and the kanji character for “fish” 魚 (gyo). Of course, those two characters have many other meanings, but in this case they are read as “ningyo”.

    It’s interesting that when we say mermaid in English usually we are refering to a female mermaid. However, the kanji character for “person” is not gender specific and the word “ningyo” literally means “human fish”. Of course, if you really wanted to specify gender then you could modify “ningyo” by adding the kanji character for “female” 女 (onna) as is “onna no ningyo” but I don’t think many Japanese would go to the trouble of doing this.

    When you say “ningyo” you have to becareful not to extend the final “o” sound and say “ningyou”. “Ningyou” means doll.

    PS: “ninngyo” is probably a typo but it is incorrect.

  • Giselle
    5 days ago

    doesn t ningyo mean doll in japanese? the kanji for that is 人偶 (doll) isn t it?

  • harleyq8
    1 month ago



  • Max M
    1 month ago

    thats easy.

    i actually speak japanese myself.

    i took 3 years of it .




    is that what you were lookin for?

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