how do you say i love you in armenian?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well our friends hear gave you the answer for your Q.

    but if you want it in Armenian language, here it goes.

    Western Armenian,

    ես քեզ սիրում եմ….. Yes kez siroom em

    Eastern Armenian,

    ես կը սիրեմ քեզ…..Yes ge sirem kez

    both are in Armenian sweet language, and when it comes from your heart, doesn’t matter which one you use.

  • PK27
    1 month ago

    Armenian is a little more complicated.

    There is the Western and Eastern Armenian lanugages.

    I speak the Western *usually meaning Armenians who had to grow in countries that are not their native Armenia*

    and Eastern *Natives of Armenia*

    They have completely different dialects even though both languages have their formal version as well..

    Anyway i had to just clear that out..

    Abstract has answered the Eastern version of it

    Ill answer the Western which would say: Yes Kezi Ge Sirem

    Im not sure which one you should use with the person you are trying to say that to.

    Hope this helps..

  • Sandy
    1 month ago

    yes sirum em kez ( eastern Armenian)

  • â?  MÎ?Я©ỮÅ?Â¥ â?¢ â? 
    1 month ago

    G@ sirem kezi (western armenian)

    Siroum em kezi (Eastern armenian)

  • Dr. Beemer
    1 month ago

    Yes sirum em kez. But you have to say it with your heart and bond with the eyes really hard. He might just propose to you right there. lol Good luck with your experiment.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ge See-rem Kez (western dialect)

    See-roo-mem Kez (Eastern dialect)

  • abstract_alao
    1 month ago

    Yes kez sirumen

  • VCP
    1 month ago

    Yes kez siroomem.

  • Gevork Chavoosh
    1 month ago

    My friends answered it already, I am late as always…, but I will vote for Sera, everyone else were good too. 😉

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    yes qez sioroom em.

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