How do you say “Happy Teachers’ Day” in different languages???

I need at least 12 languages.

LIST OF LANGUAGES: “Happy Teachers’ Day”

1. Irish

2. German

3. Spanish

4. Japanese

5. French

6. Turkish

7. Italian

8. Dutch

9. Portuguese

10. Russian

any more ideas(languages)???


I need it to decorate the “teachers’ day” card I’d made.

I need it to decorate the “teachers’ day” card I’d made.

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  • Cymro i’r Carn
    1 month ago

    In Welsh – Yn Gymraeg

    Diwrnod Athrawon Hapus.

  • jk
    1 month ago

    In Irish:

    Happy Teachers Day =Lá Múinteora Sona

  • sashtou
    1 month ago

    Why on earth would you even want to?

    To me, this ‘Special Day’ type of thing devalues what is likely to be ‘Special’ ….Lets have a Dictionary Compilers Day this Thursday. So, it’s, ‘Happy Dictionary Compilers Day’ this Thursday ~ followed by

    ‘Dictionary Compilers Assistants Day’ on the following Friday.

    If ALL 365 days of the year have an assigned usage ~ a This or That Category Day for each day of the year, then it also detracts from the 365 days of the year when ‘some beggar somewhere has a bloody birthday’, and goes and messes up the ‘Dictionary Compilers Day’, for example.

    Maybe I’m not explaining myself too well! But I’ll let it go as it stands ~ and just repeat, Why would you even want to?


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    In Spanish:

    Feliz día del Profesor

    I am Spanish

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    Счастливое Teachers’ День


    Teachers’ feliz; Día


    Teachers’ feliz; Dia


    Glückliches Teachers’ Tag


    Teachers’ heureux ; Jour


    Gelukkige Teachers’ Dag




    Ευτυχής ημέρα δασκάλων

  • Mohan K
    7 days ago

    happy teachers day in english

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Portuguese = Feliz dia do professor.

  • Zmejka
    1 month ago

    Russian – С днем учителя!

    pronounced s dnYOm uchEEtelya

  • beautifulsmile285
    1 month ago


    Feliz día del maestro

    Feliz día del profesor…… would be more of a college professor…. “maestro” are “school teachers”

  • Jassy
    1 month ago

    Catalan: Feliç dia del mestre 🙂

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