How do you replace cigarette rolling machine apron?

3 Answers

  • Looking Forjob
    10 hours ago

    you throw it away, grab a dolla, roll yo tobacco in that, insert paper just like rolling machine and roll that siht up.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Yes you can use Pipe tobacco in a Top-o-Matic, hand rolling machine… it actually makes a better cigarette, the moisture in the tobacco and the size of the cut make it pack better for a longer lasting and better tasting cigarette.. My personal preference for tobacco is WildHorse.. it is cheaper than allot of other brands and doesn’t leave that harsh burning after taste…

  • robin y
    10 hours ago

    it is easy, if you lift the apron to one side you can see an elongated hole, move to that position and remove steel bar, repeat

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