How do you pronounce Csaba Csere?

From Wikipedia: Csaba Csere (pronounced /ˈtʃʌbə tʃɛdə/; roughly phonetcially transliterated to “Chabuh Cheduh”).

I’m still having a bit of a hard time.. Chabuh Cheduh? Kind of like Jabber Cheddar? It sounds nothing like what the Hungarian name Csaba Csere looks like to me. Can someone help me out?

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  • Martha
    1 month ago

    Um, I’d take issue with Wikipedia’s idea of phonetics. There’s no d-sound anywhere in the name.

    Cs = ch as in ‘church’

    a = somewhere between u as in ‘bug’ and o as in ‘bog’

    b = same as in English

    e = e as in the first syllable of ‘elephant’

    r = a short trill, or some close approximation thereof

    Note that in each part of the name, the second, unstressed vowel should be pronounced IDENTICALLY to the first, stressed vowel – there are no schwas in Hungarian.

    Putting it all together, a rough guide would be /Chah’-bah Cheh’-reh/. Sorta kinda. Well, actually, in Hungarian the last name would come first, so it’d be /Cheh’-reh Chah’-bah/, but whatever. 🙂

    (Possibly useful trivia: my dad’s given name is Csaba. My mother would sometimes call him by the diminutive “Csabi” – until the neighbors asked her why she insisted on calling her husband fat.)

  • izmosmolnar
    1 month ago


    The correct pronunciation is something like

    CHOBO CHERE. Try to pronounce the CH, just like the first syllable of the word Change, or charge.

    Chobo should sound almost like the word “Chop” but with a “B” instead, and followed by an “O”.

    and Chere should sound a bit like the word “Cheery”, but try it with a lot shorter “E” and obviously replace the “Y” at the end the exact same “E”.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    It’s pronounced “Chubba Chedda”

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I wouldve reckoned that its Saba Sere (pronounced).

  • Andrew
    6 days ago

    Here him say it with his own voice: “Chubba Chedda.”

  • Noseefood
    6 days ago


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