How do you play 50? like the basketball game?

I was wondering what the rules were in the game of 50? where you play basket ball with a bunch of friends and each shot is worth 5 points and blah blah

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    well in new york. we call it utah. dont ask me why. but we call it utah.

    game is to 100. 5 points. no out of bounds. you score then you shoot a free throw. if you make 3 free throws in a row, someone can guard you and you can drive insead of shooting. you can make up calls though. like no backboard. so if your freethrow hits the backboard it doesn’t count and other guys can get the rebound and put the ball in play. you can also call air ball zero. witch is where you shoot an air ball on your free throw and you go back to zero unless you have a certain amount of points.

  • deepika
    4 days ago

    50 Basketball

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    we always play crazy 100

    -game starts with bank off of backboard

    -every shot is worth two points

    -make one from floor then shot free throw until you miss hoping no on can make it to a hundred with one trip to the free throw line

    -take other persons points if you tip their missed shot in or block their shot

    -some people play without blocks

    -if you get blocked or tipped with more than 50 points you only go back to 50

    -if you get a block or tip and it puts you over 100 you go back to 75

    -first with 100 points wins

  • jim f
    1 month ago

    you take turns taking shots. the first shot you take is from the top of the key, that shot is worth five. you get your own rebound and you have to shoot from wherever the ball lands. That shot is worth 3 points. You get your own rebound again and the third shot is worth one point. the first person to get fifty points wins

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