How do you make a paper ladder?

I was watching “Andy Griffith” and they made a newspaper ladder by folding a newspaper and tearing it. Does anyone know how to make a newspaper ladder.

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  • James
    1 month ago

    Have several sheets of newspaper. Start rolling the first one in a tube that is about 1 inch in diameter. As you reach the end of the first piece, place the second piece of newspaper on top of the edge of the first so they overlap. Keep rolling and the second piece will be incorporated in the roll. Keep this up until you have used five or six pieces.

    Now use a knife or scissors to make a cut in the middle of the roll that looks like a wide “H” shape. The crossbar of the H should go along the length of the tube. The two sides of the H should be cut perpendicular to the long dimension of the tube, and go about halfway around the tube.

    Grab the roll with a hand at each end. Bend the roll so that it bends at the two ends of the cut you made. You should now have a thing that looks like two vertical tubes with a flat section connecting them at the top. Now have someone reach into each of the upright tubes, spread their fingers so they press against the inside of the tubes and slowly pull up. That should make your ladder. As you get better at it, you can raise the ladder yourself by gently shaking the roll away from your body, slowly coaxing the ladder to extend.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago


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