how do you knock down the 3 blocks with a ball in a carnival game????

the carnival game…that has the three block and you have to know all three downn…how do you do it?

3 Answers

  • z
    1 month ago

    You wanna aim for the bottom 2 so in the middle of them.

  • marlene
    4 days ago

    Knock Down Blocks Game

  • Jennifer
    7 days ago

    I understand putting the heavy block on top make it harder for the mark to win. Putting the heavy block on the bottom makes easier for the carnie to win when he is demonstrating. I have also noticed the table is very low which means most people over 5 feet are throwing down at the blocks. I would guess the 5 foot tall mark has better chance of bouncing off the table or pushing the bottom block down not back. Throwing from one knee could help.

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