How do you fix grass burnt by a fire ASAP!?

One of my genious friends made a fire on a metal chair and it burnt the grass under it to black DIRT! I need this fixed ASAP! (And by ASAP i mean within the next 5 days.) Any suggestions?

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  • Garden Hoe
    1 month ago

    Well, if you want the grass “fixed” in five days you are out of luck. The best I can suggest is buy some sod, but that would be hard to find this late in the summer.

    Depending on what variety of grass you have, some grasses can grow back by its roots and stolens. If the grass propagates soley by seed, you will have to reseed.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Burnt Grass

  • Daps
    1 month ago

    The have two options…

    1- go to Lowe’s home depot home garden center call around…for a couple of pieces of sod (if you don’t know what kind of grass you have you may want to cut/dig out a small piece to take with you to make sure it is close in match if it has to be that perfect) fixed in what ever time it takes you to drive there…

    2-buy a bag of the Perfect Patch Grass (may be sold in some stores???) it is the ONLY grass patch I have seen that has good healthy stokes and blends in within 5 days…here is the main companies website so you can see it BUT I would check with my local home garden centers to see if they sold it…

    Being you have to have in 5 days I personally would dig a small piece of the lawn near it and take to the home garden centers to try to find sod to match while checking if they had the Patch perfect grass…and remember if laying sod aerate the soil (poke at disturb the soil) add a lil top soil and lay the sod down and make sure you stay on top of watering it and when buying sod make sure you don’t end up with pieces that are dried up get green grass with soil dark and cool to touch meaning it still has moisture in it…

    Good Luck

  • meatheadfrompax
    1 month ago

    They make green spray paint especially for grass, if it needs to be green asap. Then just put some seed down and water it often.

  • Prophet 1102
    1 month ago

    Dig it up. Go find some good grass in an area out of the way. Dig up some sod and replant it where the burned grass is.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You could go to a garden center and get some sod, though it won’t likely match the grass around it.

  • sensible_man
    1 month ago

    Buying some sod is the only way to fix this in 5 days.

  • PN
    1 month ago

    Fire will not kill the roots, just water it often and it will come back quickly.

    After a forest fire what is the first thing to come back? Grass!!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This will not be “fixed” in 5 days, and you will survive. Paint it green if the president is coming by and you are trying to impress him.

  • Grain And Grit
    1 month ago

    If you are worried about angering your parental units, I would say come clean. Even if you plant sod, it will not mend itself in just 5 days, and probably be off color.

    Easier to say sorry, than say I lied!

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