How do you eat a Klondike bar without making a frickn’ mess?

It seems every time I eat a Klondike Bar, it always turns out to be a mess which is a total buzz-kill since they’re so good. I know I’m not the only one. Someone teach me a good way to eat them.

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  • AquaBluez
    1 month ago

    Lol there is no good way. If I have to eat it when I am out then I just make sure I eat slowly of course making sure it doesn’t melt. However, if I am at home I put a tray where I am going to eat and wear an old t-shirt and eat like 3 at a time lol no matter how messy.

  • Sue Eckhardt
    7 days ago

    I’ve been wondering about this subject for a little while and so I looked it up on Google, which brought me here. Now, I have developed a way to eat a Klondike bar making a smaller mess than by just biting into it, but it requires the use of a tool, so it might only work at home. The tool I use is a butter knife (the standard knife that comes with a set of silverware). You open up the Klondike bar and identify the “top.” As you’ve probably already discovered, the “bottom” layer of chocolate is pretty thin and easily breaks when you bite it. The mess happens because the top layer is thicker and doesn’t break well when bitten. So here’s what you do: Open the bar and identify the top (thick) layer. Lay the bar down on a solid surface, on the opened wrapper, with the top up. Take a butter knife and use it like a hammer to break up the top layer. (Hit the bar with the edge of the knife. Or really, however you want to as long as it breaks up the top layer of chocolate.) Don’t go crazy. You only want to create cracks in the chocolate. Lots of cracks. Once you have cracked the top layer of chocolate, you should be able to eat the Klondike bar without making the huge mess you used to make. You’re welcome!

  • stupka
    5 days ago

    Klondike Bar Shot

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Start a contest with yourself, every time Bags copies a question, take a shot (or eat a Klondike bar, or do both!) BA: I would steal a man’s soul… BA2: Hawaiian Punch. Goes great with Mountain Dew BA3: Wouldn’t know, I’m not a fan.

  • RSJ
    1 month ago

    Yeah, that’s why I don’t buy them anymore. Give me a pint of good ice cream- all you need is a spoon and it’s totally portable and no mess!

  • Knob Like a Mallet
    1 month ago

    umm, how about not eating it once it’s already started melting? lol….let it freeze just long enough that it’s not all soft and drippy but you can still bite into it

  • greenpantherita
    1 month ago

    I keep the wrapper on as much as possible, just unfolding a little at a time as I eat it.

    1 month ago

    Put in bowl and eat with spoon.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    With a knife and fork

  • puddintain
    1 month ago

    stick a fork in it.. 😉

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